Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Nan!!

In honor of our Birthday Girl  I will be sharing with you
28 (random) Facts about our Nan!

In no particular order.....
Nan hates beans

She doesn' really like spicy foods. One day she tried some salsa & went screaming around the room for some water. The salsa jar said "Mild" on it.

She was an only child for 10 years

Nan wrote an article featured in the Deseret News our senior year of high school

She can make a cube of butter into the shape of a pine cone (family secret)

Nan can remember dates you tell her your birthday and 10 years later she can still remember it

She can play the violin & piano (and teaches as well)

She can transpose music for the violin into the came in handy 'cause I was too lazy to figure it out myself

Drove a car that we lovingly called "The Butt Pirate" (the gas was located in the back ;)

Went to our first "big-girl" concert together "The Backstreet Boys: Back Street's Back Tour"

Has major literary wit (as our loyal readers you know what I mean)

Can do a great English accent - it's very believable

She is very honest. (which makes me fess up too)

She has great taste in clothes. When I went to NY  the summer of our senior year half of my suitcase was her clothes

She is a great partner in crime: need to "jog" past your crushes house multiple times? She's your gal. Need your crushes locker combination so you can look inside? She's got the connections

Huge TV fan of: Gilmore Girls, Alias, Everybody Loves Raymond, Mash, The Office & Psych

Fiercely Loyal

Her middle name is "Bug"

She survived middle school gym

Both cried at the end of : Titanic, Beaches & the ER episode when George Clooney left

She's a the yarn & needles sense of the word

Adores Audrey Hepburn

Aspires to be a writer & will be a total success at it!

Finds the humor in British Comedies (Allo! Allo!, Keeping Up Appearances)

Her nickname, Nan, was discovered by watching Circle of Friends (she in no way resembles the trollop that has that name, but I liked the sound of it and from then on Nancy became Nan)

If you say: "Poodle", "Legends of the Fall T-shirt" &" Fills the entire square" she will start laughing

Is a very good actress, she starred in "Kool-Aid Therapy", "Shopping for the Eaton Social"
& "Teaching a Prince to Dance"

Gives great advice & wisdom...and is a good listener....and has a great sense of humor....
I could seriously do more than 28 things.

I recently read  quote: A best friend is someone with whom you can be sincere
This fits Nan to a "T"...or an "N"
Happy Birthday Nan I hope that you get every single wish you wish on your birthday cake!!



Carolyn Barber said...

The "Butt Pirate"? I learn something everyday about/from my daughter! Love you! And thanks, Michelle. That was a cute article. xoxox

Kara said...

Loved this, and I'm glad that I wasn't surprised or confused by too many of those things. :) Love you Nan! Hope you had a super day. Oh, but I prefer to have her middle name be "Bus". ;)

Greg and Nancy said...

AAAH! I love it and I love you. :)

Natalie said...

Ha! Mild salsa! Lol. Love you Nancy! You too Michelle!

Laura H. said...

Happy birthday, Nancy! Peter once made fun of me for buying "extra mild" salsa. He called it ketchup.

I miss you!

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