Friday, March 23, 2012

Green Packaging quickly a month has gone by!!! Sorry for the delay in posting, but life is life here in our neck of the woods. Between me recovering from that awful cough cold that has been going around in time for my performance in Steel Magnolias and Nan's laptop crashing and waiting for a new one to come in the mail time has gotten away from us.
But we are back...what did we miss?

In honor of our past holiday of St. Patricks day (did you wear green? I did. Even baby S. celebrated by having green coming out of his nose) I'm taking my own twist by focusing on the word GREEN. With some
                                                 Green Packaging.
Next time you want to mail a box and throw out some magazines, take a second and make that box look really special/festive/fun to open...I think tax documents should come this way {so I wouldn't drag my feet to do them}

All you will need is:
The package you are going to send.
Magazine paper(s) that have a great pattern/picture/colors on it

I sent this package to one of our lucky winners of a previous giveaway we hosted. I found this magazine page that had sweaters, scarfs & purses in really cute fun colors. Since the box was small I just needed two sheets. For larger boxes have more than one sheet to cover it all - you don't want any boring brown to show!

Choose what page you want as your front. I wanted the really brightly colored one so I used another sheet that had a really cute dress on the back. Tape it onto the box like you would wrapping paper.

There you go! A bright, cheery, package to send to someone special. You are happy sending it. The recipient is happy getting it and the earth is happy that you reused something. {Psst if you still need to see some actual Green look at the lower right corner...there is green there!)

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