Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cool Summer Recipe -- Microwaved Corn on the Cob

Thanks for all of the birthday love, everybody!!  I had a great day.

Back when Michelle came to visit, I fixed corn on the cob using my microwave.  Although Michelle had never seen corn cooked that way, it's the only way I do it!  It's fast and keeps your kitchen blessedly cool.  Start out by shucking and cleaning your corn.  Don't worry about drying them off; you want a little bit of moisture left on the ears. 
Hello, cuties.
 You will need one piece of wax paper for each ear of corn.  The paper needs to be a little bit longer than your corn.  Place your corn on one corner of the wax paper...

...and roll it up!  Twist the ends of the paper like a Tootsie Roll.
I put my corn on the side of the paper that feels more papery, with the waxy side on the outside.

Put your corn in the microwave.  I like to use a plate, but you don't have to.  If you are cooking more than two ears of corn, arrange them like the spokes of a wagon wheel.

Microwave on high.  Start with one minute per ear of corn and then check; I like to gently squeeze each ear to find out if it's still really hard and needs more time.  I think two ears for Mr. W and me usually takes about four minutes total.

Carefully unwrap and then season with butter, salt, pepper, whatever you like!

Yum...that's summer goodness right there!

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cool Summer Recipe Challenge!

It's Summer. It's Hot. You still have to make dinner....but what to make on an extremely hot day?Join us in our First Recipe Contest!!

We've shared some of our favorite No-Oven recipes & we want you to share YOURS!!!
Each week we will share our readers best No-Oven recipes & YOU get to decide who is
"The Queen of Cool".
The winner will recieve bragging rights & her own set of  popscile molds (they are the favorites of Kate & Sara from Our Best Bites)

Contest Rules:
E-mail us at: with your No-Oven recipe.Your recipe can cover any course from drinks & appetizers to dessert and anything in between and a picture of the finished dish (up to 2 photos). Be specific with measurements, directions and the size of cans, packages and pans so others can successfully make your recipe. Include a few words about the origin of your recipe. Share any compliments it's received, plus any variations you recommend. You may only enter one recipe. We will be accepting recipes from July 14th -August 31st.

We will post all of our readers fabulous recipes and you will have a treasure trove of cool, easy, yummy no-oven recipes to try.  You will will try them out and come back and leave feedback on the recipe (or recipes...who says you have to cook just one?)

On September 5th we will ask all of our readers to come back and vote on their all-time favorite No-Oven recipe. In the event of a tie Michelle & Nan will make the final decision.

Grab a button and let all of your blogging friends know that you are a part of this challenge (and to come vote for your recipe!!) The more the merrier and the more recipes...the Better!!

Any questions? E-mail us at


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Nan!!

In honor of our Birthday Girl  I will be sharing with you
28 (random) Facts about our Nan!

In no particular order.....
Nan hates beans

She doesn' really like spicy foods. One day she tried some salsa & went screaming around the room for some water. The salsa jar said "Mild" on it.

She was an only child for 10 years

Nan wrote an article featured in the Deseret News our senior year of high school

She can make a cube of butter into the shape of a pine cone (family secret)

Nan can remember dates you tell her your birthday and 10 years later she can still remember it

She can play the violin & piano (and teaches as well)

She can transpose music for the violin into the came in handy 'cause I was too lazy to figure it out myself

Drove a car that we lovingly called "The Butt Pirate" (the gas was located in the back ;)

Went to our first "big-girl" concert together "The Backstreet Boys: Back Street's Back Tour"

Has major literary wit (as our loyal readers you know what I mean)

Can do a great English accent - it's very believable

She is very honest. (which makes me fess up too)

She has great taste in clothes. When I went to NY  the summer of our senior year half of my suitcase was her clothes

She is a great partner in crime: need to "jog" past your crushes house multiple times? She's your gal. Need your crushes locker combination so you can look inside? She's got the connections

Huge TV fan of: Gilmore Girls, Alias, Everybody Loves Raymond, Mash, The Office & Psych

Fiercely Loyal

Her middle name is "Bug"

She survived middle school gym

Both cried at the end of : Titanic, Beaches & the ER episode when George Clooney left

She's a the yarn & needles sense of the word

Adores Audrey Hepburn

Aspires to be a writer & will be a total success at it!

Finds the humor in British Comedies (Allo! Allo!, Keeping Up Appearances)

Her nickname, Nan, was discovered by watching Circle of Friends (she in no way resembles the trollop that has that name, but I liked the sound of it and from then on Nancy became Nan)

If you say: "Poodle", "Legends of the Fall T-shirt" &" Fills the entire square" she will start laughing

Is a very good actress, she starred in "Kool-Aid Therapy", "Shopping for the Eaton Social"
& "Teaching a Prince to Dance"

Gives great advice & wisdom...and is a good listener....and has a great sense of humor....
I could seriously do more than 28 things.

I recently read  quote: A best friend is someone with whom you can be sincere
This fits Nan to a "T"...or an "N"
Happy Birthday Nan I hope that you get every single wish you wish on your birthday cake!!


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Stuffed Artichokes

Behold  the Beauty, the Majesty, the Yumminess of the Artichoke!
This is one of my All-Time favorite veggies to eat and while they may look complicated...they aren't.
Picking your artichoke is very important. You want to look for a nice green color without too much brown edges or scarring (signs that it's old). Also you want to see some purple at the base of the leaves. Finally when you are holding it, and it's feeling heavy, give it a sqeeze. Do the leaves cave in? (another sign of an old artichoke) or do you hear a sqeeky sound and it feels firm? (the sign of a good one!)
Washing. If you wish to cut the tips (the pointy ends) of the leaves I would do it at this now (use kitchen sissors). Now put the choke under the water and make sure to open some of the leaves so the water can get in & around (if you didn't cut the tips off be careful, you might get poked). Then hold it upside down to drain out.
Then cut the stem off and put it on a microwave safe plate (be sure that it's sitting evenly)

Take a spoon and Stuff breadcrumbs down into the leaves (ya know right where there is a pocket). Keep pushing back leaves and stuffing them until you reach the top and you can't pry any more leaves open.
Melt some butter (2 TBS), lemon juice (1 TBS) and pour over the top. Add a bit of water to the bottom (2-3 TBS) of the plate and cover in plastic wrap

Yummmy do you see all that stuffing? Do you have to stuff the artichokes? No - you don't, but it makes it more filling and exciting!!
You want to Cook your artichoke in the  microwave (in your really clean microwave I might add) on high for
3 minutes for a small artichoke
6 minutes for a large artichoke (the artichoke pictured is a large one)

Aaaaah yummy....I'm drooling. But how can we tell that it's really done?

 Pull a leaf out (watch out it is literally steaming hot. I usually use a pot holder to handle it)
Can you pull the leaf out easily?  (If yes move onto the next question. If  No, cover it up and put it back to cook for 1 minute. Repeat until you can pull out a leaf. Do not exceed a total cooking time of 15 minutes)
Bite the base of the leaf  is it soft or crunchy? (well to be technical you scrape the end of the leaf off, as you can see)
Soft = Go and eat
Crunchy = cook one more minute
Eat! Pull leaves off  one by one dipping them in your preffered dipping sauce and eating each leaf at the base.
You have a few choices of dipping sauces out there. I've heard of melted butter or Mayo mixed with a bit of balsamic vinegar or even Ranch dressing.
My preffered dipping sauce is a simple Vinegarette of: Olive Oil, Vinegar, salt & pepper and basil
Once you get to the very thin leaves that are tipped wth purple and slightly translucent stop and pull them off (sorry I don't have pictures of it) You want to scrape off the Fuzz with a small knife. This Fuzz is the "choke" of the artichoke. Once scraped off you will be left with a grayish base of the artichoke - the Heart - this is the main event!! Cut up the heart and savor it, dipping it in the sauce.

How did you do? How was it? Let me know!! I want some feed back.
We are still looking for recipes that don't use your oven. It's summer FiNallY!! So turn off your ovens and show us what you can do!! E-mail us your no-oven recipe to (include recipe & picture of the dish)

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