Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Jana Martin our in-house RD is here to talk to us about  ENERGY!!! It's something that we need. Something that we want. Jana is here to tell us how we can have it!
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-Eating a variety of foods such as fruits, vegetables, beans, whole grains, lean meats and lean dairy, helps you meet your body’s nutrient needs. When your diet is lacking, you can become deficient in vital nutrients. This can cause you to feel tired and drained. Don’t fall into the trap of following fad diets!
-It may seem like getting up and moving is the last thing that will help when you’re feeling tired. Research shows the opposite is true. Even a 10 minute walk can increase your energy for hours. Regular exercise is also shown to improve mood and self esteem as well as decrease stress, which can help increase energy.
-Skipping meals is an easy way to zap your energy. Think of your body as a vehicle. If your “vehicle” doesn’t have any fuel, it can’t function properly. The same is true for your body. When a meal is skipped,  you won’t have adequate fuel and your energy levels suffer.
-Think of a log fire. If you put a big log on the fire, it will burn slowly. If you put a small log on the fire, it will burn faster. If you don’t put any logs on the fire, it can’t burn! This is similar to how your
metabolism works. Eating smaller meals throughout the day will keep your metabolism burning.
-Eating whole grains provides a steady release of fuel which helps control blood sugar and keep energy levels more constant. Doing this throughout the day can lead to feeling less tired by the end of the day.
-Consuming concentrated sweets (Juice, regular soda, sweet tea, ice-cream, candy, cakes, etc) causes a spike in blood sugar which gives an initial burst of energy...but is followed by a quick decrease
in blood sugar, which will leave you feeling drained. Constant ups and downs in blood sugar will bottom out your energy.
-Thirst is commonly mistaken for hunger. Thirst can also be confused with fatigue. Being dehydrated can cause you to feel tired and lethargic.
-Alcohol may help you fall asleep, but will interfere with deep sleep. Even if you get a full night’s rest, you’re likely to be tired throughout the day.
-Stress, anxiety and anger, if not dealt with properly, can lead to feelings of physical exhaustion. Instead of dealing with problems, many people turn to food. Find ways to deal with these feelings by doing some-thing relaxing to you such as taking a bath, reading, exercising, journaling...NOT over-eating.
-Your Dr. may have recommended you take certain vitamins. Take your approved vitamins consistently. Do not begin taking a new supplement without talking to your Dr. first.

Hope you feel energized!
       Jana, R.D.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How to Say "No" Nicely

We've all been there - being asked to do something that we don't really want to do. It's hard to say "No" sometimes, we may feel guilty - but we shouldn't. Being able to say No can help you and can also help the other person too (ever worked with someone that didn't really want to be there?). We all have busy lives and commitments learning to set your priorities and your limits will only make your life easier - and you can say No nicely, you really can!!

First, Smile when you are saying No. You aren't trying to be rude, you are just setting your boundaries and letting the other know it in a kind way. Smile, even when the No is being said over the phone.

When you are answer is No be sure that it is clear. Saying "maybe" will only prolong the process of getting your No out. I think for many people they are afraid that saying No will offend the other, in many cases leaving the other on a string waiting for your actual answer is more offending.

If the request is something that you would really like to do, but the time isn't right, offer a Rain check. I remember one instance where the high school in my town was doing a local "American Idol" and I was asked to be one of the judges. It was something that I really wanted to do, but the date coincided with the due date of Baby S. I told them that while I couldn't do it this year that I would want to be considered next year.

Redirect. Sometimes a person can't do their request by themselves and are asking you to help them with it, if you can't (or don't want to) offer them names of others who might be able to help them. One night Mr. S was broadcasting a high school football game his color announcer called in last minute (day of the game) to say that he couldn't do it. I asked him if he knew anyone else and he offered the name of another local guy. It worked out so well!! His redirection lead to another who could do it for the rest of the season. Sometimes a redirection can also come in the form of an alternative job for the project: i.e.: I can't organize the luncheon, but I can bring a salad.

Give encouragement. Sometimes a person may need a little boost to let them know that they can do it. I work with a local youth theater group and I am constantly asked to direct the plays that we produce. It's time consuming and there is very little help offered my way from the director of the board. Just recently she suggested that we produce "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" and wanted me to direct it. I told her ( I have learned that only straight No's work with her) that while I think that the play would be fun I had no interest directing this project and suggested that she was very capable of directing it. It took some time encouraging her that she could, but we are now going forward with the project with her as the director of the show.

You don't need to go into lengthy details. This is something that I've inherited from my Mother. I feel like I have to explain myself telling the requester my entire life story. You don't have to. Your business is your business unless it is necessary, like the American Idol judge thing I explained that my due date was around that day, but I didn't start my explanation with the conception and the stats of babies that come on their due date.

Still need a list of ways to say No:

"Sorry I have other plans"
"Now is not a good time. How about we reconnect at {scheduled} time"
"Last time I {did the request} I was too stressed/financially strained"
"Yes, I would like to {do request}, but currently can't fit it in to my schedule"
"I'd love to do this, but I can't due to (A. Prior Commitment or B. Different need)"
"Right now I can't take on any new projects"
" I really don't enjoy doing {the project}" (if you don't like doing it letting them know to cross you off the list is the best for you and them!)
"I hate to split my attention {among projects, children, priorities} at this time"
"I need to focus on {my personal life, family, children, another project} right now"
"I need to leave some free time for myself {family, children, schedule}" (it's not rude to be honest)

My favorite, it's nice, short, direct - "I want to see how long I can go without saying Yes" or "I've decided to dedicate my life to the art of making linguine" :)


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

S'more Popcorn Please!!

Late one night me & Mr. S. wanted something to munch. Mr. S wanted something crunchy and I wanted something gooey. Mr. S. wanted chocolate and I wanted marshmellow...S'mores!! But it was late and starting up a fire wasn't really something we could do...S'more Popcorn was born!!!

Now pardon me for not having the exact measurements. I think it was Rachel Ray that said, "You're not conducting experiments for the government, just feel your way through" I whole heartedlly agree!! So I will give you a rough estimate to give you an idea, but don't hold yourself to it, feel free to add or subtract as you desire.

Popcorn (abt 8 cups)
Chocolate Chips, melted (1 Cup, more if you want it chocolatey)
Mini Marshmellows (1 cup - I would rather put in 2 cups, but that's because I love me the mallow!)
Graham crackers (about 6 rectangles, you want them chunky not crumbs. You could also use Golden Graham cereal)

Preheat your oven to 250 degrees. Pop your corn. Put your chocolate chips in a microwave bowl and cook for 20 SECONDS and then stir. If you need more melting time put in for 15 seconds. Repeat every 15 until it is melted.
(BE CAREFUL not to burn your chocolate. If it's looking like fudge - it's a gonner.)
Once the chocolate is melted, pour over the popped corn and stir until the popcorn is coated. Then add your marshmellows and graham crackers. Spread onto a greased cookie sheet.
Bake in the oven stirring every 10 minutes. It was very late at night when I made this and I want to say that I went for about 30 minutes. When the popcorn is feeling baked (I really don't know how to describe this feeling. It makes me want to have you all with me so I could show you. As you are stirring it will feel like the popcorn is separating itself - not as gooey with eachother) and the marshmellows are melting.
Spread onto wax paper and let cool ...if you can stand it.

Ooooh do you see that gooey marsmellow?? Sooooo good! Let me know how you like it!


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Photo Shoot with Brandi Lyn Photography!!

Back in May when Michelle came to visit, we were lucky enough to have the awesomely wonderful Brandi from Brandi Lyn Photography take some pictures of the two of us.  Brandi and I have been friends since we were toddlers (seriously!), we were college roommates, and now we both live in beautiful Cache Valley in northern Utah; we even met Pioneer Woman together.

Brandi is a very talented photographer and so easy to work with.  If you are in northern Utah and looking for a photographer for any occasion -- engagement, wedding, new baby, family pictures, whatever -- we highly recommend her.  She's definitely willing to do what it takes to get the perfect shot.

Hey there, cute stuff!
Michelle and I were so, so excited to have a photo shoot with Brandi and we are thrilled to share some of our favorite pics with you.  We hope you love them as much as we do!!


We love you!

Which photos are your favorites?

The winner of our Cool Summer Recipe contest is Candace with her Fried Scone recipe.  Congrats Candace and thank you to all of you who voted & submitted recipes!!


Monday, September 5, 2011

Cool Summer Recipe Voting!! (Closed)

 Today is the day to vote for your {Favorite} Cool Summer No-Oven Recipe!! Who will be "The Queen of Cool" is up to you! Be sure to vote and have your friends come by and vote too!! Voting ends at 12pm PST and the winner will be announced Tuesday September 6th. The winning recipe chef will win an awesome set of popcicle molds (the ones that Kate & Sara of Our Best Bites love!!)

If you turn your attention to the TOP of the right hand column (directly to the right of the Cool Summer icon) you will see where you vote! Vote! Vote! Vote!
The voting is over and a winner has been announced

We'd like to Thank all of you who submitted recipes, tried the recipes & voted for the recipes. It was fun and we look forward to doing another one next year!

P.S. Thanks for the birthday post Nan, we have had quite a few memories together! It was a great birthday!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

This Month Is Such a Special One...

...It's Birthday Time for MICHELLE!!

That's right!  September 3rd marks the 29th anniversary of Michelle's birth.
Along with many, many others, I am sooooo glad Michelle was born.
After the fantastic post she wrote for my birthday, I knew I would have a tough act to follow when her birthday came around.  I debated about what kind of post I should write, what pictures to many options!  So, in no particular order, I proudly present...

29 Memories of Michelle!!

1 - Watching Michelle pretend that her viola case was Paul McCartney's Hofner Bass.  She even played it left-handed!

2 - Going to Oldies Fest with Michelle's parents and my dad.  Great times!

3 - Our fantastic Beatles Halloween costumes!  "It was twenty years ago today, Sgt. Pepper taught his band to play..."

4 - Finding the combination to our crushes' locker and breaking in after school

5 - Our "casual" 2-mile walk (in the scorching summer heat!) past our crushes' houses (they were best friends who lived in the same neighborhood)

6 - Playing endless rounds of improv games to pass the time in our classes

7 - Riding the little roller coaster at MGM during orchestra tour -- Michelle is NOT a fan of roller coasters and hid behind me the entire time

8 - Holding Michelle's hand when she found out she would be playing Dolly Levi in our high school production of Hello, Dolly!, followed by...

9 - Cheering in the audience on Dolly's opening night!  I was so, so proud to be Michelle's best friend (and still am!)

10 - The two of us hiking around San Francisco together, another orchestra tour memory

11 - Hiding in Amber's bathtub during a particularly competitive game of hide-and-go-seek at a birthday party.  It went really well until someone came in to use the bathroom...

12 - Playing a duet of "Ave Maria" at Grandpa C's funeral

13 - Attempting to steal a boy's clothes as a creative way for Michelle to ask him to a high school dance.  This particular boy was very obsessive about his clothes, so his dad would only let us move them to another closet in the house, rather than steal them

14 - Michelle coming on vacation with my family to Monticello

15 - Watching Fiddler on the Roof in Michelle's parents' room, singing along and laughing

16 - Filming a video to send to Prince William....oy vey

17 - Playing Beatles Rock Band this past spring during Michelle's visit

18 - The look on Michelle's face when we surprised her at her baby shower

19 - Michelle's joyful (and exhausted) phone call to let me know that I was an "aunt"

20 - Watching Polish Wedding and laughing at the weirdness of it

21 - Many Christmas Eve dinners shared by both families

22 - Talking while sitting on our roommate's bed during tour, eating her crackers and Easy Cheese (sorry, Hailey!)

23 - Supporting each other on our respective wedding days

24 - Michelle trying to surprise me our freshman year of school by coming up to visit me -- I was dead-set on going home that weekend and my roommates could not convince me to stay, so Michelle finally had to call and tell me she was coming

25 - Driving to Cedar City to visit Michelle and see her in various plays

26 - Watching Michelle compete for the State Sterling Scholar Award for Drama

27 - Graduating high school together and refusing to talk about the fact that we were headed to schools almost 400 miles apart

28 - August 2007, Michelle comforting me when I should have been comforting her

29 - Cabaret obsession + orchestra tour = a memory we'll laugh at forever (sorry, I can't say any more than that!)

There are many, many more memories I could share (and several that started on the list that didn't make the cut) from the last 16 years of friendship: good, sad, hilarious, weird, you name it.  I'm grateful to have had Michelle by my side (in spirit, if not always physically) for so much of my life.

Happy Birthday, Michelle!!  I hope this year is the best one yet!!


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cool Summer Recipe: Fried Scones

Our She Said reader Candace shares her family recipe for Fried Scones!! Want to keep it cool in the house, plug in your electric skillet outside!! (plus no greasy smell in the house)

My Grandma Macbeth's Fried Scones
3 T yeast
1/2 cup warm water
2 cups milk, scalded
1/2 cup shortening
1/2 cup sugar
2 tsp salt
3 eggs
6 cups flour
Scaled milk and allow to cool. Combine yeast and water and set aside. Cream sugar and shortening. Add remaining ingredients and combine well. Allow to sit in the fridge for at least an hour or over night. Roll out on to a floured surface and cut into strips. Fry till golden brown on each side. Serve warm with honey butter, jelly and powdered sugar.
Remember!!! Voting for your favorite Cool Summer Recipe is on September 5th. Be sure to come back and vote for your favorite!!

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