Sunday, July 7, 2013

Nan in 30

Nan is 30 today. Yep we are both officially old ....just kidding {to those of you who are over thirty}. It's kind of odd so say you are thirty, who would have thought we would be 30 year olds?!? I still feel 15 really and when I was 15 I felt I should be 30 because being an adult is soooooooooooo much better than being a teenager *sigh* so naive.
Well although I feel that I've known Nan for all thirty years of her life I have actually only been in the picture for only a mere 17 years {yes I'm being sarcastic}. What I've learned this year that, to me, makes the 17 years I've known Nan even more meaningful is that through little events that we call life there was a chance there might not have been a Nan & Michelle - gasp - it's true. I learned that at the end of seventh grade {when we met} Nan was thinking of homeschooling with her cousin and it wasn't until I walked in that she changed her mind.....okay I'm giving myself waaaaay too much credit.....but we started our friendship and Nan and her parents decided not to home school. A decision that I am so grateful for.
My life without Nan is too scary to think about.....there is just a void, darkness, confusion, no one to watch the royal wedding with.......bah! I can't think about it!

So something I remember about Nan's parties are the games we would play. So for her virtual 30th birthday about playing a game?

It's called: Nan in 30
You have thirty seconds to describe Nan. You can use nouns, verbs, adjectives, locations, movies, books, songs, etc. But you cannot use the words: Nan, Nancy, Bug or "rhymes with Shmancy" in your list. It's pretty much like Taboo, but with the name of a person you know and a much shorter timer.

Press play to start the timer and write down as many things as you can think of to describe Nan and leave it in the comments. Wouldn't that be awesome if we had 30 comments for this game?!?

Alright! Here is your timer, press play and GO!

Alright I will go first with my list and then you share yours!

hates beans. American Duos.
good listener.Anne of Green Gables. Pride & prejudice.
blue eyes. NKOTB. Beatles. Beatles juke box bank. place mats. turn tables. sleep overs. Titanic.
Phew! There are sooooo many things I could add to that list, but not enough mats?!? It's random and true! That and trying to type out "Tan Thy White Self Parties" with seconds to's hard.  Make sure to share your list!!!


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