Thursday, September 27, 2012

Giveaway Time!!

The giveaway has been extended through Saturday, October 6th, at 11:59 PM Pacific.  Details below!

For those of you who don't already know, I recently opened an Etsy shop!  It's something I'd been considering for a little while, and I finally decided to go for it after encouragement from Mr. W and some friends.  I plan to add more items to my shop, but right now I'm only selling ear pins.  And what are ear pins, you ask?  They're earrings which travel up your earlobe, like this:

Not quite sure I should start an ear-modeling career, but you get the idea. :)
These cute little babies are made with my own two hands.  I have a few different styles available and I can make custom orders, too!  You only need one piercing in your ear to wear these.

To celebrate my shop's grand opening, I'm sponsoring a giveaway for our loyal She Said readers!  One of you lucky ducks will get a free pair of the ear pins of your choosing.

Here's how to enter:
*Visit NanBug Shop on Etsy.  Leave a comment on this blog post telling me which ear pin style you like best. (Required)
*Add NanBug Shop to your Etsy favorites.
*Share a link to the shop on your Facebook page.
*Become a follower of She Said.
*Become friends with She Said on Facebook.

Make sure you leave a comment for each one that you do!!!  If you're already a follower or one of our FB friends, just leave us a comment to let us know.

The giveaway starts now and will close at 11:59 PM Pacific Time on Sunday, September 30.
Winner will be announced on the blog on Monday, October 1.
Extended through 11:59 PM Pacific on Saturday, October 6!

Additionally, I am offering a discount code to She Said readers!!  Enter the coupon code SHESAID at checkout to receive free shipping.

If you have any questions about the giveaway or shop items, you can contact me at

Good luck!!


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

1 Ugly Painting 2 Cute Crafts : Canvas Sign

Remember this little bad boy I got a yard sale? Remember Part One of our transformations? Are you ready for part 2?
Well, grab that canvas & lets start making our:
Along with your canvas you will need:
Scrapbook paper (5-8 12x12 sheets)
Vinyl Letters
 (I have a Silhouette cutter that I cut my letters with, but you can buy vinyl letters in any craft store)
Mod Podge
Sponge brush
Black Spray Paint

Here is our canvas! You want to sand down all of those leafy trees & happy clouds so the canvas has a smooth{er} surface. No need to sand the picture away because you are going to cover it anyways.

Once sanded you will apply your scrapbook paper to the canvas. Put a thin layer of mod podge on the back of the paper to make it stick and then brush mod podge over the top to seal it to the canvas. Now here is where you are going to let your creative juices flow. I wanted a bright/hippie-ish vibe with mine so I stuck with a color theme & chose a few different patterned papers. I ripped those papers and layered them over each other {with the exception of the top & a slight crack that got left open, but it worked out just fine, so ...I'm just going to say that I planned it that way} I used a Mod Podge with an antique finish on it because I wanted to add a bit of shabby-chic/vintage with my bright/hippie look.
{TIP}If you want an antique look, but don't want to buy antique mod podge? Coffee stain it. Get an old cup of strong coffee and after you have applied your scrapbook paper paint on the old coffee to the degree of brownness {is that even a word?} you want.
{TIP} I would suggest that you cover the entire canvas with scrapbook paper. It was late at night for me and I had limited coordinating papers to work with so I left a boarder of canvas around my paper. Cover it all, don't leave a boarder. I will point out why later on in the post.

Measure your canvas & figure out how large you want your letters. I wanted "home" to be the biggest and "you" to be the next. Pull out the ruler & start making notes. If you are like me, you want to get it right the first time!
{TIP} I cut pieces of scrap paper to the size that I want to make sure everything will fit when gauging how large letters should be. You don't have to cut each and every letter. Squares in the sizes that you want work out fine for figuring out spacing & room.
{TIP} Use vinyl that you don't want/like/need anymore/mismatched colors/on sale - you will see why later on.
Apply your vinyl letters
{TIP} I like to apply letters or words starting with the top and then doing the bottom, leaving the middle for last. I find that helps me with my spacing. Same thing for the letters in the words. When applying the "YOU" I did the O first so I could use the space wisely with the Y & U.

Now you have your sign and as you can see I ran out of vinyl & had to use some other pieces I had on hand. It really doesn't matter because once you have it on a tarp or drop cloth you will......
Spray paint the whole thing black. Yep. Cover that baby up with black, black, black. I wish I had taken a picture of Mr. S when I told him I was taking it out to spray paint it! He didn't know what I was doing, but I'll show you the method to my madness
{TIP} Do this step at night. That way you can let it dry and air out for a nice long time instead of anxiously testing it to see if it's still tacky. Spray it. Sleep and wake up to a nice, dry & less stinky canvas in the morning. Be sure to keep it away from timed sprinklers, neighborhood cats & trees that are dropping leaves.

In the morning bring it in and start peeling that vinyl off {you use and throw away alot of vinyl in this project} Do you see the awesomeness underneath??
I'm really happy with the two triple toned effect I got by layering papers and accidentally leaving a gap for the original painting to show through. I don't even mind the spray paint that eeked underneath the letter. It gives it that vintage/hippie/shabby chic effect that I wanted.
Please note: by leaving the canvas border and even doing multiple layers of paper will make your canvas uneven when looked at up you see it. So cover your entire canvas and if you are using multiple papers be aware it won't be even, but still look uniform with that black paint.
And when you peel it all off you are left with this......

 Your canvas sign! Love it! Cherish it! Show it off to everybody that comes to your house! I'm debating on how to hang it. Part of me wants to use those tacky wall cling things so it's just mod and hanging there. Another part of me wants to attach ribbon and hang it with that - any input would be most appreciated.

So happy to share this with you and I would be excited to see if any of you do it!
If you make a sign PLEASE brag about it and post it on our She Said Facebook wall so I can smother you with compliments!
Missed out on Part 1 of our Ugly Painting remodel? Check out what I did with frame HERE


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

1 Ugly Painting 2 Cute Crafts : Memo Board

Welcome to our two-part series! Where we take this awesome piece of outdated beauty and turn it into something new....and pretty....and updated....

This isn't the actual picture of the painting, but it's pretty close & gives you the idea of what I saw at a yard sale earlier this summer. I snatched it up for a $1 and went home and pried it apart. I will be trading in this 1980's-esque painting and turning it into 2...that's right two! Cute crafts I will be happy to have hanging on my walls. Let's begin with.....
You will need:
Needle nosed Pliers
Staple Gun
cute Paint
paint brush
Turn the painting over & remove any paper backing it might have {mine didn't have any, but more professional paintings do}. Remove the careful because you will be using this later. To get my canvas out I had to take my needle nose pliers and pull out the little nails that held the canvas in. Once the canvas is out and placed in a safe place, behold your frame!!

Sand down your frames finish. I'm a very impatient person and hate sanding, but have yet to go to the supply store and buy that primer stuff, so ....sand it down. Paint your frame whatever sweet color your choose & let dry.

Once the frame is dry turn it face down {be sure there is something under it so the paint doesn't scratch} and grab your staple gun, twine & hammer. Take the end of the twine and staple it to your starting point at the bottom {or top} corner of your frame. Keeping it tight go back and forth from one end of the frame to the other with the twine creating a zig zag pattern, stapling your twine at each end of the frame. It is important that the twine stays tight {think guitar strings} so it can hold up a picture clipped to it. For me the staples didn't hold the twine down enough. I pulled out the hammer and after I would staple the twine in place I would hammer down the staple securing the twine down against the frame.

Turn it over & hang it up {I chose to keep the original wire hanger}. Add a few pictures clipped with clothes pins and you are ready to go!

I've seen some people add rolled fabric flowers to the corners which I think is adorable, but this is in the kitchen and I knew Mr. S wouldn't be as excited about the cuteness as I would so I just left mine mod & plain.

It now is home to Baby S's artwork, photographs & baby announcements . I love it!! I hope you do too. Another bonus on this craft is that it is easily done in an afternoon {as long as you are painting with acrylic paint!}.

Stay tuned for Part 2 and see what I do with the canvas!!


Monday, September 3, 2012

September 3rd

Have you heard?
Original photo courtesy of Brandi Lyn Photography
Today is Michelle's birthday!!

In honor of this momentous day, let's celebrate Michelle-style!

*Start out your day with a good run.  Michelle is a rockin' runner and has competed in several races, most recently a 10k!!!  (That's 6.2 miles!)  If you're just starting out with running, find a good training program (like the ones on and start out slowly.  Michelle has also provided her running playlist so that you can have some tunes to keep you company.
Please note: We are not fitness experts!!  It's always a good idea to talk to your doctor before starting a new exercise program! 

*After your run, enjoy a nice breakfast!  We've featured quite a few breakfast ideas on the blog, but here are some of Michelle's favorites:

Apple cider doughnuts
Oatmeal souffle
Homemade maple syrup for your pancakes or waffles
Or any of these quick breakfast ideas

If all else fails, you can always enjoy a Toaster Strudel, one of Michelle's favorite childhood breakfasts!

For additional breakfast ideas, check here or here!

*Now that you've worked out and had a good breakfast, you can spend your day...

....Giving yourself a mani/pedi
Ombre nails
Perfect pedicure

Michelle loves to be creative.  Check out the "Crafts" label on our right sidebar for lots of inspiration.  One of our most popular tutorials is Michelle's DIY dry erase book.

Check here for some of Michelle's favorite reads, or click on  the "Books" label in our sidebar
...Watching a musical!!
Michelle majored in theater and loves all things dramatic.  If you want to be really authentic, watch Hello, Dolly!  Michelle played the starring role of Dolly Levi our senior year of high school.  I may be biased, but she was even better than Barbra Streisand!

...But most of all...
..By spending the day with the people you love!
Michelle has a wonderful family and many, many friends who love her.
I know all of them join me in saying:

Happy Birthday, Michelle!!
We love you!!
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