Tuesday, April 19, 2011

List of Three: Cleaning Products & Tools

So with all this talk of Spring Cleaning in the air it's got me starting to clean and what are the top three of our favorite cleaning tools that we love to have by our sides:

1. Ajax/Comet. There is just nothing like it. I don't use it on all surfaces, but I don't feel that a bathroom sink, bathtub or kitchen sink is truly clean with out some good scrubbing action. Not to mention - the price is unbeatable!!
2. Disposable dusters. I found one in the dollar aisle of Rite Aid and I LOVE them!! They are cheap, can get into small spaces & when they get old and dusty - throw away! I really love this tool for cleaning blinds.
3. Multisurface cleaner. I think the reason for love is in the name. Anywhere. Anytime. Multisurface cleaner. Just recently I found a "Green" cleaner for cheap and I like it quite a lot.

I have a harbored interest in homemade cleaning mixes. If you have a good mix share it!! along with your top three cleaning tool & product picks!

1. My favorite cleaners are made by Melaleuca.  They're nontoxic and safe for the environment, too.  I've been using them for the last seven years and totally love 'em.  They come in a concentrated form that you mix with water, which saves on packaging and $$.  They make all the cleaners you need, from dish care to glass cleaner to laundry soap and everything in between.  I don't know if I could pick just one; I love them all!!

2. My vacuum.  I know this is a big tool, but I'm a little infatuated with it.  We just bought a Eureka Airspeed and it is awesome -- I love to vacuum now!  All the little attachments make it easy for me to clean my stairs, furniture, even my lampshades.  Love it.  We used a different vacuum for the first 7+ years of marriage and it was okay, but we were both blown away by how well this one works.

3. Lemi Shine.  I first found out about this from PW.  We have really hard water, which causes icky buildup in the dishwasher.  I occasionally add some before I run a load, which helps keep the inside of my dishwasher clean and smelling great.  I also use Lemi Shine's rinse agent, and it keeps my dishes sparkling.

When it comes to cleaning, what do you love??

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Anna said...

BioKleen Bathroom cleaner...it uses natural enzymes and smells like lavender. It works well and I don't mind using it around my baby (it works great...I just could use something stronger to break down hard water stains/soap scum with less scrubbing....but most of those cleansers would have more fumes which I don't want around the baby when I clean....)

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