Saturday, November 5, 2011

DIY Dry Erase Board Book

I am really excited to bring you this craft today! It's simple, easy & while I have been preparing the pics for this post Baby S is STILL coloring in it.

 An old board book
dry erase vinyl sheets - I got mine from Pick Your Plum (if you haven't signed up to get their e-mails, you MUST! Really cheap craft supplies that go fast!) The sheets that I have already have an adhesive backing. I highly reccomend this because it's easier to work with/attach/etc
scrapbook paper
letters - stickers or cut outs would do fine. I think cutting out letters from magazines & newspapers would be cute too! 
Mod Podge
 dry erase crayons

Trace the form of the book pages onto your dry erase sheets. The easiest way I found was to place the sheet in the book and trace around it. Once the sheets are cut place directly on the page of the book. The dry erase vinyl was really forgiving & I was able to correct any placing mistakes I made. Be sure to rub it down onto the page and get any bubbles out.

Trace out the shape of the book onto your scrapbook paper, brush Mod Podge onto the book & the back of your paper and place. Again, rub the paper onto the book and be sure to get any bubbles out. Once the paper is flat place (or glue) your lettering on the book and apply another coat of Mod Podge (I would suggest at least two).

I also covered the back & the spine of the book. The scrapbook paper I used was previously used as gift wrap so there were bits of tape and pulled off print in spots. I think it added to the character of the book and gave it a bit of a worn look.
Allow to dry. Usually 30mins can do the trick for each coat. (You need to allow each coat to dry before you apply another one)

And there you have it! A dry erase book just for you your kids/nieces&nephews/etc. Pull out the crayons and start coloring!

I used the new Crayola dry erase crayons. I really love them!! You can get them pretty much anywhere now. I found them at my local grocery store (I live in a far away rural land that doesn't contain a Wal Mart)

Let your little Picasso go at it! The dry erase crayons come off with a little mit that comes with the crayons and it wipes off pretty easily. It also wipes off coloring that is on the floor, the wall & the laundry basket (in case you were wondering).

I was not sponsored by Crayola to do this project. I bought the product & my opions are completely my own. But if they wanted to sponsor me....I wouldn't stop them.

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Planinz Family said...

Cute idea...I never knew they had dry erase crayons! It would be perfect for church. No markers stains on church clothes!

lisa steve said...

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