Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year, New Look!

You may have noticed that things are looking quite a bit different around least we hope you've noticed!!  After using the same layout since starting our blog in September 2010, we decided it was time for a new look.  The pics from our awesome photo shoot with Brandi Lyn Photography provided our color inspiration, and Michelle spearheaded our remodel.  We love our new look and hope you will enjoy our cleaner, fresher site.

We are also thrilled to unveil our new signatures!!  The most common suggestion we've received over the last sixteen months of blogging is that you want an easier way to tell who wrote which post.  With that in mind, we now have two signatures!

If Michelle writes a post, she will use this signature: 
See how Michelle's name is first?
This is what you'll see when I write the post:
And now my name is first!
 There may be some additional tweaking to the site in the upcoming weeks, but this is pretty much how things are going to look around here from here on out.

What do you think of She Said's new look?



Natalie said...

Love It!

Carolyn Barber said...

Looks good, ladies!

Darwin & Candace Johnson said...

looks good, my only think would be the new font on the signatures...if you look at it quickly either signature, it looks like Michelle and Man and Mancy and Michelle... But I love the pictures! Looking Sleek and Sexy!

Merisa said...

Very nice :)

Anne said...

love it! :)

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