Thursday, May 3, 2012

String Theory: The Eyebrow Threading Experience

Let's talk about eyebrows, shall we?

I probably think about my eyebrows more than I should.  I have really thick, dark eyebrows, and while this is a blessing in some ways (no eyebrow pencil for me!), they can be a real pain to maintain.  I try to have my eyebrows done professionally a few times a year, and most salons offer eyebrow waxing for $10 or less.  So when I spotted a Groupon for eyebrow threading, I was intrigued.

Threading is an interesting process.  The technician (stylist?  thread master?) takes a long piece of cotton thread and skillfully twists it around the hair, removing the hair by the follicle.  Threading allows for more precision and shaping than waxing does.  It's a really quick process; I think it took less than five minutes for her to do my brows.

So did it hurt?  Not really.  It's definitely a weird feeling, but it wasn't painful.  (Keep in mind, though, that I wax and pluck my brows on a regular basis, so I may be a little desensitized.)  Unlike waxing, threading only pulls the hair, not the skin, so there is less redness afterward.  However, because there's no wax adhered to your eyebrows, the little hairs get all over your face and you have to keep brushing them off.   The results last about three weeks, which is another benefit over waxing.

Would I have my eyebrows threaded again?  Yes!  But not at that particular studio -- it's too far away from my house. :)  What about you -- have you ever had your eyebrows done?



Natalie said...

My Aunt gets this done. I have always wanted to, but the price always stops me. I will have to keep my eye out for a coupon and try it. I heard it lasts longer than waxing. I currently get my eyebrows waxed every 3 weeks. Thanks for trying it out for me, I am definately going to try it!

Singleton said...

I love threading! Been doing it since before college, and am excited there are do many around slc now. Fashion place will do it for $10!

Gry said...

I specialize in eyebrow shaping myself - I use wax and have no problems getting a defined shape...To each their own - although technically the pics you show here does not say much for the person who did them! They are completely unsymmetrical and does nothing for your beautiful eyes!
So I guess what I'm trying to say is : threading or waxing - all depends on the therapist......
If you want to try it my way let me know!

Gry said...

Sorry here is my site:

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