Tuesday, September 11, 2012

1 Ugly Painting 2 Cute Crafts : Memo Board

Welcome to our two-part series! Where we take this awesome piece of outdated beauty and turn it into something new....and pretty....and updated....

This isn't the actual picture of the painting, but it's pretty close & gives you the idea of what I saw at a yard sale earlier this summer. I snatched it up for a $1 and went home and pried it apart. I will be trading in this 1980's-esque painting and turning it into 2...that's right two! Cute crafts I will be happy to have hanging on my walls. Let's begin with.....
You will need:
Needle nosed Pliers
Staple Gun
cute Paint
paint brush
Turn the painting over & remove any paper backing it might have {mine didn't have any, but more professional paintings do}. Remove the canvas...be careful because you will be using this later. To get my canvas out I had to take my needle nose pliers and pull out the little nails that held the canvas in. Once the canvas is out and placed in a safe place, behold your frame!!

Sand down your frames finish. I'm a very impatient person and hate sanding, but have yet to go to the supply store and buy that primer stuff, so ....sand it down. Paint your frame whatever sweet color your choose & let dry.

Once the frame is dry turn it face down {be sure there is something under it so the paint doesn't scratch} and grab your staple gun, twine & hammer. Take the end of the twine and staple it to your starting point at the bottom {or top} corner of your frame. Keeping it tight go back and forth from one end of the frame to the other with the twine creating a zig zag pattern, stapling your twine at each end of the frame. It is important that the twine stays tight {think guitar strings} so it can hold up a picture clipped to it. For me the staples didn't hold the twine down enough. I pulled out the hammer and after I would staple the twine in place I would hammer down the staple securing the twine down against the frame.

Turn it over & hang it up {I chose to keep the original wire hanger}. Add a few pictures clipped with clothes pins and you are ready to go!

I've seen some people add rolled fabric flowers to the corners which I think is adorable, but this is in the kitchen and I knew Mr. S wouldn't be as excited about the cuteness as I would so I just left mine mod & plain.

It now is home to Baby S's artwork, photographs & baby announcements . I love it!! I hope you do too. Another bonus on this craft is that it is easily done in an afternoon {as long as you are painting with acrylic paint!}.

Stay tuned for Part 2 and see what I do with the canvas!!



Carolyn Barber said...

Pretty cute idea there, Michelle!

Anna said...

I've been wanting to print off some instagram pictures and have a way to display them. This might be a great option.

Natalie said...

Very cute! Love it!

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