Monday, October 8, 2012

Get It Done Already!

Before we get started, we need to announce the winner of our giveaway!  The lucky winner of a pair of ear pins is Anne!  Congratulations, Annie!!

I don't know about you, but autumn always makes me want to craft.  Visions of Halloween decor, Thanksgiving centerpieces, and handmade Christmas gifts dance in my head.  I collect coupons for Joann's, Michael's, and Hobby Lobby, dreaming of all the wonderful things I can make.  Except....

I have about a zillion unfinished projects at home.

I have yarn for crochet projects that I haven't started.  I have fabric that hasn't been cut.  And I have a half dozen other projects that were started but haven't yet been finished.  Raise your hand if you can relate.

In an effort to finish up some of these orphaned works in progress, we are launching a series entitled
Get It Done Already!
We'll each take some turns finishing up some of these projects and them sharing them with you, our readers. Please feel free to play along!  At the end of the series, we'll do a linky party so that you can share what you've been able to finish.  So let's wrap up some of these crafts and free up our homes and time for the holiday projects we want!!

First up, these fall pillows:

TWO YEARS ago, I found this great tablecloth on clearance at Walmart for $5.  I thought it would be perfect for some fall-themed throw pillows for our couches.  I bought it, brought it home, and did nothing with it.  That's right.  The next fall, I packed it up and moved it to Texas.  And then did nothing with it.  I pulled it out again last week and decided enough was enough!  I used my existing pillows and just made simple envelope covers for them.  I didn't write a tutorial, but Six Sisters' Stuff has great directions.

A couple of hours later I had these cute pillows.

I can't tell you how good it feels to have these completed!  They cheer up our couches and my craft guilt has been lessened considerably.

Now, go forth and
Get It Done Already!



Anne said...

:) cute pillows. I have so many crafts laying around...things i was going to make, bought all the stuff for, and have never done. sheesh.

Janet said...

Very festive! I finished two projects last week. It feels great!!! On to the next two or three.........

Tonna @ Navy Wifey Peters said...

Cute pillows! That fabric is gorgeous! I'd love for you to share this at my link party Submarine Sunday. It's open until Friday @ 11:59pm. I hope you'll stop by!


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