Friday, November 2, 2012

Wall Organizer {Get it Done Already!}

I apologize for the tardiness of this post. Between being out of town & Halloween this week has just flown by! I wanted to share with you a project that I worked on.

How many of you have counters like this? Yeah that's totally mine. Papers, mail, boxes...."organized piles" I like to call it. I know where everything is it just so happens to share one space with everything else. Mr S was sick of the clutter and I was too. Something had to be done & that is where my wall organizer idea was born. I really liked the ones at Pottery Barn, but it was just too spendy. So I put on my repurposing hat and used things around the house.

I started out with a curtain rod & collected my organizing items. There were quite a few ideas I saw on pinterest of wall organizers. I settled on my magnet board, calendar frame & mail bins {I'll tell you what I used in a minute}

I used screw eyes & shower curtain loops to attach my organizing items to the rod

For my mail bins I spray painted some old bread pans that I had. They were rusty & couldn't be used for bread making anymore. I nice shiny black spray paint job made them shiny & new. I wanted them "stacked" on top of each other. Drilling two holes on the handles of the pans I ran I had Mr. S string galvanized wire through, leaving loops at the top.

Then I pulled out the Silhouette & cut some numbers for the bins. You can easily use the number stickers/vinyl that is at your scrapbook store.

Strung my organizers onto the rod and there you go! My very own, custom, wall organizer.
I would caution you on the weight you put on the curtain rod, it can only hold so much.

So glad that it's done already!!
We hope that you have enjoyed our Get It Done series & hope that it has inspired you to get it done already.
Got some things done?
 Next week {November 11th} Nan will kick off our Get It Done Already Linky Party Get those pictures & posts ready to show off  YOUR Get It Done Already crafts!


Kelli S said...

This is a VERY cute idea and flexible enough that I could change it around to fit on the very small wall in my kitchen that is the only place I can put an organizer! Pinned! Thank you for sharing!

joshua pal said...

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Emma Winget said...

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