Monday, December 6, 2010

Your Doppelganger

So, I remember there was a little phase on Facebook awhile ago where they said to post your "doppelganger" as your profile picture.... I didn't. I could not think of one. I couldn't remember if anyone had ever said, "hey you look like....". Well that's actually a lie. When I was substituting at the local middle school I was doing recess duty (a job that I lothe and dispise) and had to take care of a few punks causing trouble. As I was walking away from them one of them said, "She looks like that girl on Ugly Betty". Now while I think America Ferrera is cute and I understand that Ugly Betty is just a TV show - I didn't take it as a compliment and I don't think that it was really meant as one either. So..... we are going to pick out dopplegangers for eachother. Here we go!
Now I know that it's kinda hard to find someone with the same look, but I have found three ladies that remind me of you in one way or another.
Nan your doppelganger would be a mix of:

Natalie Portman

With some Anne Hathaway

And a dash of Katie Holmes, but you make better choices!
Aw, I'm flattered -- and LOL at the Katie Homes but with better choices!  It took a little bit of thought -- after all, you're truly a one-of-a-kind woman -- but I finally came up with three women who remind me of you in one way or another. 
Michelle, I think your doppelganger would be a mixture of:

The oh-so talented and lovely Sandra Bullock

Idina Menzel (as her cute self, not as Elphaba)


Lauren Graham (You're welcome)

So what do you think?  Did we do a good job picking doppelgangers for each other?


Rebecca said...

Oh fun game! I like the pics. However, I really like Katie Holmes hair choice:)

Kara said...

I can see it. I think you girls did good. It's hard to do that!

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