Monday, February 21, 2011

I can't believe I ate the Whooole Thing!

Well if you are like me and need a little remodel on the good o'le diet let me introduce you to my sister-in-law Jana (whom I love a lot!!). She will be making a few apperances on our blog sharing her dietary wisdom and she's the real deal (she is a registered dietician!). What I love most about Jana the RD is that she doesn't just list reasons why you shouldn't eat something - she gives you alternatives, solutions and SWAPS!! (I'm a girl that has to have a swap). I also love that she's REAL. She practices what she preaches and she won't make you feel guilty. Like, she'll sit and eat a cookie with you with out a problem and every morning she's on that tredmill running her five miles (I'm usually on the couch watching her while I eat another cookie :)
I had her answer some questions before she imparted her wisdom:
Tell us the story on you:  I am a Registered, Licensed Dietitian (RD, LDN) and work full time at our local hospital as the Chief Dietitian (There’s only two of us ;)  I work at a doctor’s office as well and see a variety of patients, from diabetes to weight loss.  My husband and I live in a small town in Louisiana called Leesville…Why would I live in Louisiana, you ask? My husband is a Captain in the Army (God Bless America!!!)I was born and raised in Cedar Hills, Utah, and grew up playing softball and volleyball all my life. I attribute a lot of my interest in nutrition to my mother, who always taught us to eat healthy. After high school, an amazing nutrition professor helped me realize my mission in life; to become a Dietitian. After an incredibly intense dietetics program, I graduated from Utah State University with honors and completed a 7 month internship in Columbus, Georgia.While I was attending Utah State, I moved to Oregon for a summer and to Hawaii the next summer.  Little did I know I would meet my husband there…we met 2 days after I moved to the island (he was stationed there).  We spent the next 2 months falling in love and doing everything Oahu has to offer before he was deployed to Iraq for 15 months. Needless to say, we kept in contact almost daily and we got married 7 months after he returned.

What is your go-to snack food? Fiber one bar or apple with peanut butter

What is the #1 thing a person can do to improve their diet right now: Cut down on drinking regular soda, juice and caffeinated beverages.  Replace with water!  Your mind often mistakes the signal for thirst as hunger, so lots of extra calories are eaten when all you really needed was some good quality H20, which has no calories! Caffeine consumption often leads to dehydration, so you need even more water when you’re drinking caffeine. Regular soda has a lot of calories and simple sugars which add up quick.

Three things that are with you at all times: My calculator; Figuring out kcal/protein requirements constantly, My cell phone & A fiber one bar and/or fruit- in my purse

Favorite thing to do with your hubby: Go on vacation! (Of course) Playing sports, jogging, swimming, road trips, talking

If you could have a super power what would it be?Cure diseases! Or for a fun one…Being able to fly…typical            

If you could repeat one day in your life what day would it be and why?The day I met my husband! On the beach, in Hawaii, playing football…need I say more?!

Love Your Heart         Jana Martin, RD, LDN
For this Valentine’s month, show some love for your heart, not just your sweetheart- Show some love for the vital organ in your body that does everything to keep you alive and going.  Constantly pumping and circulating about 2 gallons of blood to the arteries, capillaries and veins, the heart allows blood vessels to carry oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.  This includes major organs such as the kidneys, liver, and especially the brain! What would you do without your heart? The answer is; NOTHING. 
It is obvious to see why your heart is so essential to your body’s function.  While your heart is working so hard to take care of you, doesn’t it seem reasonable to take care of your heart? Yet, 80 million Americans have Cardio Vascular Disease (CVD) commonly known as heart disease, and is even our nation’s #1 killer.  However, surprisingly enough, CVD is also one of the single most preventable causes of death.  So, if your heart is so vital to your health and you know that CVD is the #1 killer, wouldn’t it make sense to start loving your heart and treating it right?
There’s no better time than now to make the commitment to take care of your heart.  February has always been recognized as the heart month, but now you can think of it as more than just the month of your sweetheart.  Many don’t know that February is officially the American Heart Month, which was started in 1963 by congress to fight the battle against heart disease in America. So start now to make lifestyle changes that play a major role in the health of your heart, and essentially, your overall health. Some lifestyle changes you can start making today include;
·         Limit sodium and salt intake
·         Eat more whole grains
·         Eat more fresh produce and low-fat dairy
·         Eat lean meat and fish
·         Decrease fat and trans-fat intake
·         Replace vegetable and coconut oil for olive and canola oil
·         Get moving! Exercise 30 minutes a day 3-5 times a week
·         Decrease and stop smoking
·         Limit alcohol consumption
Take your heart’s health in your own hands today and make the commitment to live a heart healthy lifestyle.

Have a question for our resident dietician? Be sure to comment below or e-mail us at Your question might be a future post for Jana! 


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Porsche said...

Question for Jana. Do you have any dinner ideas that the whole family (2 & 4 year olds, mom and dad) will love? Of course, the 2 year old is loving meat and won't touch vegetables (why?), the 4 year old is super picky, mom wants everyone to eat healthy, and dad wants his protein intake to be adequate (he's a bodybuilder). Also the girls don't like anything mixed (casseroles are out). I know this sounds like a lot. It is. That's why I need help. :)

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