Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Lucky & Love

We LOVE that so many of you entered and LOVE  all of our new followers!!! The LUCKY one to get this banner from Paramore Art Works according to is

Darwin & Candace Johnson said...

I'm a follower :)

Congratulations Candace! Be sure to send us your contact information to and we'll be sure to get that banner out to you! And a big THANK YOU to Beth at Paramore Art Works for providing such a beautiful banner (if you haven't checked out her etsy shop...ya need to!)

As you know Valentines is just around the corner (hello only 4 more days!!!). So if you are in need of a few ideas to make in time for "The Day of Love" here's some inspiration!

I did this last year for Mr. S. & it was cheap, quick & soooooo cute! I snagged the idea from my friend Anna and she found it on Martha Stewart (she's so crafty) website. It's her Felt Fortune Cookies. So stinkn' adorable. Make a few, put them in a take out box with a big tag that says "I'm so Fortunate to Have you!!"

A few of my friends and I are going to get together this weekend and make these Cookies for our hubbies!! They were created by Shelly at How Does She. These cookies aren't for the easily offended, but they are sure to make your hubby blush!

The Chocolate Ravioli Hearts from Hungry Happenings are pretty sweet treat!

What woman doesn't want flowers on Valentines? What woman doesn't want chocolate? Anne over at Floral Showers gives you her tutorial on how to mix the two together with the Hershey Kiss Rose

Want a non-chocolate dessert for Valentines (crazy to think of a world without chocolate, but for some it is a reality) Candace at Simple Home Gourmet shares her Panna Cotta's a MUST TRY (I can eat a whole bowl of the stuff)

Other blogs to scour for awesome ideas : Love Actually & The Dating Diva's. They are two great sites that focus on making marriage fun!!

Have a great weekend!!


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