Saturday, June 4, 2011

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends...

The last day of eighth grade, 1997
Natalie, Anne, Michelle, Nancy, Merisa
The story of Michelle and Nan begins in middle school, but we're not the only two players in that story.   
There are three other equally-important members, and together the five of us formed a friendship that has withstood time, distance...
...and teenage mood swings.

We all were friends in seventh grade, but our friendship solidified in eighth grade.  Eighth grade was truly a magical year...
ask any one of us, and we'll tell you the same thing.

  We stayed friends through high school, but went our separate ways after graduation.  We have kept in touch the best we can over the last ten years, but our chances to be all together have been few and far between as we've moved even further away and become busy with school, work, and families.

2006 - Nancy, Natalie, Anne, Michelle, Merisa
Last year, we were able to reunite for a few days to surprise Michelle at her baby shower.
It was a loooong drive, but the shocked look on Michelle's face when she saw us made every second worthwhile!

2010 - Nancy, Merisa, Michelle, Anne, Natalie
 One of the most amazing things about our friendship is that no matter how long we've been apart, we can pick right back up where we left off.  It's like we've never been separated -- our conversation doesn't skip a beat.

And let us tell you -- we can talk a lot.

After our baby shower weekend reunion, Mr. S said he was amazed at how much we could talk...and talk...and talk.

On May 21st, we were *thrilled!* to be together again,
this time to celebrate Natalie's wedding.

2011 - Michelle, Merisa, Natalie, Nancy, Anne
It was so fun to see each other, talk, and see each other's families.
Most importantly, it was fabulous to celebrate Natalie's happy day.
Congratulations, Natalie and Clint!!!

Between Natalie's ceremony and reception, we quickly zipped over to a bridal shower for another one of our longtime friends, Becky.  Becky has been friends with Michelle since third grade and with Nan since seventh.  Neither of us had seen Becky in almost four years, so we were so happy that we were able to see her for a few minutes and meet her awesome fiance.

We love you, Becky!!

But wait!
It doesn't end there!!

As if that weren't enough fun,
Michelle came to stay with Nan for a week in

Yep, it was pretty exciting for us!
We haven't been able to spend that much time together in we don't know how long.

We had a great week talking, visiting the USU campus, discussing the Royal family, talking, eating, watching The Biggest Loser finale (thanks for hosting us, Hope!), talking, laughing, watching videos from Nan's 14th birthday party, talking, squishing Tiny S's cheeks, shopping, and talking.

We also had a blast....

Playing Beatles Rockband
Channeling our inner Paul and Ringo
Going out for Mexican at Cafe Sabor
Nan ate beans!  A Kodak moment for sure!
Cooking together
Check back next week for the recipe!
 And having a photo shoot with Brandi Lyn
More photos coming soon!
We had a wonderful time together
and "goodbye" came way too soon.
Although it's hard to be apart,
Elisabeth Foley had it right when she said:

"The most beautiful discovery true friends make
is that they can grow separately without growing apart."


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