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Raspberry Cream Pie...and a Challenge!

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I know it is summer when I can go outside without shoes on and walk through the grass!
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And now for a yummy recipe and an AWESOME Summer challenge that we hope you take part in!

One of the fun things we did when we were together last month was make this pie.  This is a cherished recipe from Nan's family and the perfect summery dessert:
easy, sweet, and...
no bake.

Since summer is upon us and so is the heat, we thought we'd share this amazing dessert with you!
Here's what you are going to need:
2 9-inch graham cracker pie crusts
2 envelopes of Dream Whip (found on the baking aisle)
1 cup milk (we were feeling decadent and used half & half!)
2/3 cup sugar
1 8-oz. package cream cheese, softened
1 package Danish Dessert (usually near the Jell-O)
1 package raspberries, thawed and drained
Best friend optional, but makes cooking more fun!
If you are feeling adventurous, you can make your own pie crusts by mixing crushed graham crackers and some melted butter and pressing it into your pie tins.

Michelle's masterpiece!
Start out by mixing both envelopes of Dream Whip and the milk in a mixing bowl.
Use a mixer to beat until the mixture forms peaks.
These are soft peaks -- notice how they're a little droopy?
In reality, we probably should have mixed this until stiff peaks formed (stiff peaks will stick straight up), but we were on a deadline. :)

Add sugar and cream cheese to the Dream Whip mixture and mix until incorporated.
We also added some of the liquid from the raspberries, which gave our cream a lovely pink tinge.

Yum!  This is good enough to eat by the spoonful.
 Spoon this mixture into your pie shells...

...and spread it out evenly.

Pop your pies in the refrigerator or freezer while you make the topping.
Follow the instructions on the package for cooking your Danish Dessert.
It will get really thick, like this:

Let it cool for a minute or two, then gently fold in your raspberries.
Spread on top of the pies, like a glaze.

Is your mouth watering yet?
 Admire your handiwork.

 Cover your pies.  If you use store-bought crusts, they usually come with little plastic lids for covering.
Since we made our crusts, we stuck toothpicks in the pies and then tented them with Press'n Seal.

Refrigerate your pies for 3-4 hours, until set.
If you're in a hurry, stick 'em in the freezer.

There will be a little bit of a mess to clean up,
but it's totally worth it.


 cleanup can be fun!!

After the pies have set, gather your family and friends around and share with them this culinary wonder.  They will love you forever and beg you to make this pie on a regular basis.

Please note: this pie does not keep for very long for two reasons:
One - It's so yummy that everyone will want another piece.
Two - The graham cracker crust will start to get soggy,
so plan to make this the same day you want to serve it.

Okay, you've seen the recipe, so what's the challenge?

We want to know YOUR favorite summer recipe!
Send us the instructions for your favorite summertime recipe and we will share it here on She Said!
Everyone can try each other's recipes, and then at the end of the summer, everybody can vote for their favorite.  The winner will receive a prize and eternal glory as the first She Said Recipe Winner!

Any recipe is fine: main dish, side dish, dessert, entree, beverage, whatever, but please make sure it is a
no-bake recipe --
we want to keep our homes as cool as possible this summer!

Email your recipes & picture of your creation to
We will post as many recipes as possible through the summer!

Ready, set, go!


Natalie said...

Sounds yummy! I am going to try it this weekend!

Carolyn Barber said...

Sounds like I need to make this more often than, say, every 10-15 years!

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