Monday, September 5, 2011

Cool Summer Recipe Voting!! (Closed)

 Today is the day to vote for your {Favorite} Cool Summer No-Oven Recipe!! Who will be "The Queen of Cool" is up to you! Be sure to vote and have your friends come by and vote too!! Voting ends at 12pm PST and the winner will be announced Tuesday September 6th. The winning recipe chef will win an awesome set of popcicle molds (the ones that Kate & Sara of Our Best Bites love!!)

If you turn your attention to the TOP of the right hand column (directly to the right of the Cool Summer icon) you will see where you vote! Vote! Vote! Vote!
The voting is over and a winner has been announced

We'd like to Thank all of you who submitted recipes, tried the recipes & voted for the recipes. It was fun and we look forward to doing another one next year!

P.S. Thanks for the birthday post Nan, we have had quite a few memories together! It was a great birthday!!

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Hepworth Family said...

I vote for Jana's Grape Salad! Yummy!!

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