Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mama Mia! Grilled Pizza

Have you pulled out the BBQ yet? Over here at the S House we have had it out since February! We love to BBQ! One of my favorite things to make on the BBQ is Grilled Pizza. Never had it? Well scroll on down and make it tonight.

You Will Need:
  •  Your favorite Pizza dough {at our house we like to use this dough or this whole wheat version, they're quick with no rising time}
  • Pizza sauce
  • Mozzarella Cheese
  • Favorite pizza toppings all sliced & at the ready.
For our Margarita pizza you will need : Tomatoes {Sliced} & fresh Basil leaves
Pre heat your grill
1. Take your dough and divide it into 4 to 5 palm sized balls. Roll your dough out into 6-8" disks. When grilling pizza the thinner the dough the better. Be sure to oil the grill before you put the dough on.
Place the dough on the grill and let cook until you can easily pull the dough off with tongs about 4-5 minutes.
The bottom of the dough should have those great grill marks. The top of the dough will still look soft, but have bubbles on the top.
2. Once the bottoms are cooked place the disks grilled side up on a cookie sheet.
3. { On the grilled side of the pizza} Spoon & spread on the pizza sauce, sprinkle toppings & cheese
* Please note that the pizza will cook quickly. There will not be alot of time for the cheese to melt. Be light on toppings & cheese.*
4. Place the pizza's, carefully, back onto the grill and put the lid on. Let cook for just a few minutes (2-3). It will cook really fast so have the tongs ready to check it. You don't want it to burn!

Place on plates, cut & enjoy!!
I personally enjoy my pizza with a squirt or two of sriracha sauce {I like it spicy!}

These pizzas are great for a party - everyone gets their own & there are infinite topping combinations. Mr S. & I did this for a family dinner at Bear Lake and they were a hit with the kids & adults.

Try it! You'll love it! Shout out your pizza topping combination...


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That looks good! I will have to try it.

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