Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Royal Wedding Attendees

As you know, we were
extremely excited
for the
Royal Wedding!!

So, like any normal, Royalty-obsessed people would do,
we made sure we had the best seats possible for the ceremony.

Well, almost the best seats possible.
Luckily for us, we blended right in.
Unluckily for us, Nan ended up with octopus-inspired headwear,
and Michelle could only find a dress made out of 1980s curtains.

After Will and Kate said "I will",
we were able to put our quick-change skills to good use.
What can we say?
After years of dreaming, we couldn't miss our chance
to be within arm's length of Prince William.

We had to keep our hands tightly clasped
so that we didn't absent-mindedly start petting his bald spot.

This also gave us the perfect opportunity
to bestow upon them our carefully-selected wedding gifts.
The new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
were so touched by our generosity that they invited us
(along with Mr. W and Mr. S and Tiny S, of course)
to join them for a barbecue at Balmoral on William's birthday.
Of course, we accepted.

Or not.


However you look at it, we had a fabulous time
watching the Royal Wedding live last Friday morning.
Most importantly, we watched it together!!

How did YOU celebrate the Royal Wedding?
Or are we really that weird?



Ryan said...

You're really weird.
-Mr. S and Tiny S

Rebecca said...

Ha ha Ryan...I love that you guys were there!! So funny.How come the Queen does not ever think she would be excited.

Laura H. said...

That is so cute! You guys make me laugh!

Fun with the Fenton's said...

So funny! I worked overnights that night, so I caught up w/everything at like 6:30 am when I got home. Ron thought I was so weird! ;-)

Doree said...

I wondered whose hand was touching his bald spot! Oh, and, awesome post and pictures!

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