Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Easy Halloween Center piece

Even though we are only a week away from Halloween - I am still decorating!! There are so many great ideas out there...if only there was enough time to do it all. Here is a center piece that I made in under an hour (including drying time!) How can you go wrong?

Here was the original concept of my table (which will be painted black pretty soon!). I thought that I would purposely let my flowers dry, wilt and die to create a "Mortica Addams"-like looks like I just forgot to throw away my flowers. No spooky, just sloppy.
Late last night while staring at my sloppy table scape I had in epiphany! 3 items. Quick to create. Can be done during nap time....I was going to do it!

You will need:
A vase
Sticks & twigs spray painted black
And these lovelies...
These mini pumpkins from Paramore Art Works I have been trying to think of how to display them and this was a perfect opportunity! Get some!!! They are GREAT!!

Place your spray painted sticks in the vase first and then fill to the brim with mini pumpkins (be careful they are delicate)
 Then display along side the rest of your Halloween decor!

Are you guys dressing up for Halloween? I usually do, but this year I'm sitting out - too focused on Baby S. and his costume. Let us know in our new poll! (up on the upper right side)


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Rebecca said...

I love the last picture!

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