Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Paperback Pumpkins

Happy Soon-to-Be Halloween!! I haven't even started to get my decorations out - have you? You probably have, no one can procrastinate like I do!! Well I have seen these book-turned-into-a-pumpkin crafts all over Pinterest lately and have really wanted to try them out. Our local library here takes old books that they don't use anymore and puts them out for Free....so can you guess how much I paid to make these cute little pumpkins? NOTHING. NADA. $0.00....don't you love crafts like that?

The size of your pumpkin is based on the size of the book

A list of things needed: Old books (that you can take the covers off easily), Sticks/Stems, Ribbon, box cutter & mat, clamps & heavy cans, sissors, orange ink pad, pencil and glue....and I would like to also add a glue gun for one part of the project.

1. Take off the covers from the books. These were paper backs so it was an easy removal process. I used one half of the cover to create my template. Just like you are cutting out a folded piece of paper into a heart, you create the same half-shape for the pumpkin. A slight bend at the top and a flat bottom so it can sit up by itself. Trace your shape onto the book.
2. Take your box cutter and start following your line. Over and over and over again
3. You will have rough edges. If you want you can sand them down with some sandpaper, but I like the rough edges.
4. Once cut. Take the two books, glue one side and place the other on top. Weight it down until the glue has dried.
Once it has dried, pick up the pumkin and connect the other side together. If you like the fullness of it move on to the next step. If you want your pumpkin a bit fuller add another book. (In my pictures it took 2 books for the large pumpkin and three for the smaller)

When you are ready open the book so the spines are open and up. Hot glue your stick into the spine. (I used regular glue and it didn't really stay put). Once the stem is in you can glue the other side together and weight it down until dry. Once dry set your pumpking up to look at the fullness. If you see any gaps, take those pages and glue together securing with binder clips and weights as needed.
Take an orange ink pad and rub the edges of the book with the ink. For the life of your ink pad I suggest inking the pumpkin across the pages instead of up and down. Ink until you are happy with the color.
Tie a cute decorative ribbon around the stem.
And there you have it! Your paperback pumpkin. The best part? You can keep these up the entire fall season if you want to. Let me know if you tried it, I would love to see your own paperback pumpkins!

So what is your most hated candy? Come on, we all have one. I fondly remember coming home Halloween night and organizing all of my Halloween candy by type. I would trade all of my Tootsie Rolls (including Pops) with my brother for his one Reeses peanutbetter cup. Look on the upper right and vote for your most hated Halloween candy.



Anonymous said...

What about those Mary janes candy. They are nasty!! My husband Dan always wants to get those and none of us will eat them!
Tonya Ridenour

Rebecca said...

LOVE how those turned out!!! My least favorite is the tootsie roll...

Anonymous said...

Love these! Might have to make some of my own! I hate those orange and black taffy like candies, what are those called? I hate them, and candy corn, in all it's shapes and varieties! this is Candace for somereason it won't let me comment with my google account...?

Anonymous said...

Hard pressed to say I hate any candy, BUT easy to say the only one is black licorice. YUCK!

jaxsi86 said...

Hello these are too cute. I'm confused on step 4. After we cut the books, are we opening the books halfway laying them on their backs? Then glueing another book opened halfway onto the other book?

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