Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pinterest Halloween Inspiration

Have you heard of Pinterest?  We both joined a few months ago and have become addicted to it!!  Pinterest is a virtual pinboard where you can keep track of online ideas that you like; it's a little like bookmarking a site you want to remember, but it's much faster and more fun.  We use Pinterest to keep track of recipes, craft projects, home decor ideas, cute clothing, printables...and many other things that we want to remember.  You can organize your ideas by different categories and then refer back to your virtual pinboards whenever you want.  Even better, you can share your pins with your friends and see what your friends are Pinning, which gives you even more ideas.  With Halloween coming up, Pinterest has an abundance of Halloween ideas to get you inspired, help you decorate, and assist you in choosing a costume.  Here are some of our favorite Pins for Halloween!

Pinned Image
How cute are these little fanged pumpkins?!
Pinned Image
I love these mummy bars -- googly-eyed candy bars wrapped with crepe paper
Pinned Image
This awesome milk jug skeleton was created by our amazing friend Anne of Floral Showers


This wreath from Just a Girl inspired me to make my own spooky wreath for our front door

Growing up dinner on Halloween was always thrown together at the last minute (now that I'm a Mom I understand why). I love menus that reflect the holiday and there have been quite a few menu items on Pinterest to give you ideas for this Halloween. (photo credit:

You can also find some FANSTASIC costume ideas like this one from Pink Suede Shoe! When I have a little girl I know what we will be for Halloween!!

Have we convinced you of the Awesomeness that is Pinterest? Wanna join? Need an invite?
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Are you ready to be addicted?

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Foster Family said...

I'm already a follower and a FB friend. Is that cheating to ask for an invite anyway? :) I'd love one.

p.s. Nancy, I see lights on in your house and miss you. 'Glad you're there and getting settled, though.

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