Thursday, September 23, 2010

For Your Quizzing Pleasure

Once upon a time in the mid-90s, one of our favorite teen magazines sponsored a write-your-own quiz contest.  The lucky winners would actually have their quiz printed in the magazine.  Since we spent a good portion of our teenage years taking magazine quizzes, we decided to create a quiz with another one of our friends (hi, Merisa!).  Even though we spent an entire French class period working on it, our quiz did not win the contest.  But fortunately for you, our faithful readers (all nine of you!), I saved a copy!  Now you finally can learn whether or not you are "crushing on him too much".  It's a serious problem, people.  Take the quiz and seek help if necessary.

Are You Crushing on Him too Much?
1. If you see him looking at you during class, you think:
a) Is he looking at me? (2 points)
b) Do I look okay? (3 points)
c) He must be looking at the girl behind me (1 point)

2. When you think of him, you think he is:
a) A god (3 points)
b) Average Joe (2 points)
c) Geeky Melvin (1 point)

3. When you talk to him, you:
a) Practically have conversations (2 points)
b) Look down at your feet (3 points)
c) Give him short answers (1 point)

4. You decide to take snowboarding lessons.  Why?
a) Because he's way into it (3 points)
b) To try new things (2 points)
c) All your buds are taking lessons (1 point)

5. Your crush is chatting up with "Totally Hair Barbie" in your English class.  What do you do?
a) Go join in the convo (1 point)
b) Sit and think about how much better she is than you (3 points)
c) Complain to your buds (2 points)

6. You hear about his life from:
a) Him (2 points)
b) His next-door neighbor (3 points)
c) Picking up tidbits from eavesdropping (1 point)

7. Your theme song is:
a) "Hopelessly Devoted to You" by Olivia Newton-John (3 points)
b) "You Make Me Wanna" by Usher (2 points)
c) "Legend of a Cowgirl" by Imani Coppola (1 point)

8. He reminds you of:
a) Your male 'rent (1 point)
b) Your next-door neighbor (2 points)
c) Leo (3 points)

9. Your crush tips over his untied shoelace.  You:
a) Want to kiss it better (3 points)
b) Silently think how cute he is (2 points)
c) Think he is a mega klutz (1 point)

10. Your relationship is most like:
a) Dharma and Greg from Dharma and Greg (2 points)
b) Caroline and Richard from Caroline in the City (3 points)
c) Elaine and Jerry from Seinfeld (1 point)

24-30: Overly-Obsessed Olivia: Woah there, chica.  You're spending way too much time crushing on this stud.  It's great to have a crush, but you're in way too deep.  Take a step back and smell the roses.

17-23: Normal Nelly: Sure you like the guy, but you realize that there is more to life than just him.  Congrats!  You're a goddess in the relationship realm.

10-16: Do you even like this guy?  Or is he just an excuse to fit in with your gal pals and their crushes?  You need to decide for yourself whether or not this is real and take action!

So, how'd you do?


Natalie said...

We were pretty obsessed in the crush department during middle school! lol! one of the funniest parts I think is the shows mentioned in question 10. you can tell what was on the TV then. Love you guys!

SheSaid said...

That made me laugh, too! Really dates the quiz, doesn't it? Miss you!

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