Thursday, September 9, 2010

Getting to Know Us...

We have been best friends for almost fifteen years, and a LOT has happened to us along the way.  Starting this blog gives us the perfect chance to take a walk down memory lane...

An early memory of the other person
N: One of my first memories of you is that in middle school you had a blue case for your viola.  You would hold it like a left-handed guitar and pretend to be Paul McCartney.
M: Sitting next to eachother at the spelling bee. We didn't know eachother at all and I asked you if my breath smelled and you said, "No". Looking back on that I feel so lucky that you didn't give me a "you-are-a-weirdo" look and never talk to me again.

Three words to describe the other person
N: Funny, loyal, patient
M: Creative, good listener & dedicated

A little-known fact about the other person
N: Michelle can do an awesome impression of "The Nanny" (aka Fran Drescher)
M: Nan knows how to make a stick of butter look like a pine cone. (It's a family secret)

Remember when we...?
N: Wore those matching middle school band shirts?  They were about 30 years old and stained, but we thought we were so cool to have matching "vintage" outfits!
M: Stealthily got the locker combination to our crushes locker and opened it.

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Natalie said...

You guys are too cute!

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