Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thank You Part 2

After my first Thank You post a She Said friend asked a really good question: What do you do with the Thank You cards that you recieve?
This is my oh-so-scientific-method of what I do with Thank You cards:
- If it's a generic one line Thank You or a card that they just signed their name to I smile, feel grateful for the Thank you and then toss it unless it's autographed by Paul McCartney
- If it is very personalized, it's from a dear friend/family member/etc or has any sentimental value I will keep it.
- If it's a really cute hand-crafted card I will keep it for my "Idea Box" (a stash of cards that I've received that I would like to duplicate one day)
- If you get a ton of cards let's say for your wedding  - this is what I did:
     1. Threw out the Hallmark-single-signature-on-the-bottom cards and kept the rest
     2. After a few months purged a few more
     3.  Before moving purged a few more that I didn't feel as sentimental about anymore and found $75
     4. Went through the box again, a few years later, and purged some more....sadly didn't find anymore $$
     Now my wedding card box is filled with the cards that mean the most to me.

In short: Hold on to it for a week and at the end of that week keep it or toss it


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Anne said...

I actually took all of my wedding cards, and used them in my wedding scrapbook to decorate all the pages with. I cut out cakes, and gifts, and wedding dresses, and cute sayings from the cards. I used all the vellum paper and put it behind pictures etc. Then I cut out what people had written to me, and attached them to pages where I had their pictures. It saved me a lot of money on those little expensive do dads that one needs if they are scrapbooking...and it is so fun to look back and see what people said, even if it was just a quick congrats!

(though believe me...I did also throw a lot away...shh. but really, one can not hold on to everything forever! ha ha)

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