Friday, October 15, 2010

A SPOOK-tacular Giveaway! WINNER

CONGRATS LEAH! You are the lucky winner of the Witch Spit bottle
e-mail or message us your contact info.
Thanks to all that entered. More giveaways will be happening!!
Me and Nan have been excited for this for WEEKS!  I have an ultra-super-talented (and gorgeous to boot) crafty friend here that created this AdOrAbLe bottle. She loves Halloween and loves creating decor for it. The minute I saw it I knew that I wanted one and could bet that you would want one too. So, I made you one.
Witch Spit...don't leave home without it!
 This bottle actually contains spit from a witch...or at least looks like it
 Goes along elegantly with Halloween decor
And adds a bit of whimsy for your trick-or-treaters!
The prime spot to put your bottle is front and center. Where all your friends can look, comment (be a bit jealous that they don't have one) and ask "where did you get this aDORable Halloween decoration? and you can say,
"I won it off of She Said!"
How To Win This: There are 5 chances to enter!! Leave a seperate entry for EACH thing you do!
1. Become a Follower. If you are already a Follower - good. Leave a comment that you are or have just joined us (* If your name is drawn and you aren't a follower it will be discarded*)
2.  Become a Friend of She Said on Facebook and come back and tell us! (sorry Tweeters)
3.  Share this giveaway on Facebook & come back and tell us!
4  Share this giveaway on your blog (and leave me a link so I can see too!)
5. Tell us what you like about She Said, tell us what you want to see on She Said or Ask us a question (it might become a post!)
Giveaway ends SUNDAY OCT. 17th at midnight PST
Winner announced Monday morning!
*Sorry the Trick-or-Treat basket full of candy is not part of the giveaway*


Darwin and Candace said...

I'm a follower and a friend on facebook! I'm gonna go and post a link on facebook as well. Those are so cute! I want to see....more of everything! Great fun!

Ash-a-bash said...

I just became a follower! I just became your friend on Facebook...if you don't reject me! I just shared this on Facebook! I want to know how you have time to do all of this with your little one!

Anne said...

I'm a follower! oh, pick me!

Anne said...

I'm a facebook follower.

SheSaid said...

Candace & Ashley - sorry I didn't explain at first to do a seperate entery for each thing you do - don't worry. Each thing you have done will be counted as a seperate entry

Anne said...

i posted about your giveaway...

Anne said...

i shared it on facebook (if you are a follower of floralshowers you would see it!)


Anne said...

I like everything about she said...and i am very excited to see it take off! I really enjoy the book reviews...I am always looking for a new book!

Tori said...

Follower and Friend as cute and crafty. What a fun idea ladies. :) crossing my fingers I winning prizes. :) I'd spit on my entry here for good luck, but don't want it ending up looking like that Witches Spit. :)

Just Lisa said...

Cute! I'm following you!

tridenour said...

Very cute!

Planinz Family said...

I'm a follower!

Planinz Family said...

I'm a friend on Facebook too!

Planinz Family said...

I shared a link on Facebook!

Planinz Family said...

I shared it on my blog.

Planinz Family said...

I can't wait to see more crafty stuff on your blog especially with all the holidays coming up. And maybe you could do a tutorial on a few crafts! Thanks for sharing!

Leta-Kaye said...

I followed!

Leta-Kaye said...

I Friended!

Leta-Kaye said...

I smiled
when I first saw this blog!
Looking forward to lots more fun things here!

I wondered
What is your very favorite kids' book?
Do you have a story of an argument-turned-joke?
What is the oddest condiment combination you've ever heard of? (I like syrup on my eggs. A friend likes mayo on them.)
What makes you grin til your face hurts?

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