Monday, October 18, 2010

Young one

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So, this conversation was prompted by my purchase of these:

 My adorable little witch clips that I bought at our childrens store here in town - how could I resist!?! And if I take a fine tip sharpie to them and draw glasses on, they would look just like me! My friend that works there kinda teased me a bit for getting these and it made me think, not only about some of the T-shirts that I have from middle school (do you remember my lobster bake T-shirt? Yeah still around), but if this is the only youth oriented item I have purchased....which made me remember this -

My High School Musical shirt I bought on my way to taking some girls to camp. I am not ashamed of my love of HSM or the fact that I know many of the songs by heart, but there aren't many places (other than girls camp or for pj's) that a 28 year old could get away with wearing this in public. Unless I become a Harajuku girl and I could walk the streets of Japan dressed up like live doll.
So, my purchase:
A. Totally fine wear them everyday
B. A little young, but fine in the right circumstances
C. I hope you bought those for your nieces

Have you bought anything a little "younger" or what do you still have in your closet?

For the record, I think those clips are super cute.  Draw on glasses!  And since they're hair accessories and relatively small, I think you could get away with wearing them every day.

One of the first things I thought of in the "young" clothing category was a Curious George T-shirt I had in middle school -- do you remember that?  I think I found it at Big Lots, and it was one of those shirts where you got to color it.  So I colored it and wore it, even though it was little too juvenile (and probably way too tight!).  I don't have that shirt anymore, but I still have clothes from middle and high school and I still actually wear them on a regular basis, too.  I have a flowered skirt that I got in 9th grade, a black skirt from high school, a shirt from high school, and a couple of other things.  Let's not forget the girls' camp sweatshirt that I got when I was 11 and still wear around the house when it's cold.  I still periodically wear a beaded necklace that Anne gave me for Christmas in 8th or 9th grade, too.  One of my favorite pieces of jewelry is a silver necklace, which I wore for a picture that was taken when I was three.  It was really long on me then, but now it's the perfect length.

One of the "youngest" type things that I do is I still put my hair in pigtails.  I don't know if you remember, but I went through quite a pigtail stage in middle school.  Even though most pigtail-wearers seem to be under the age of 5, I still love pigtails at 27.  They're cute, quick, and easy to do with my bobbed haircut.

I think it's important to dress your age to a certain extent, but you also need to have some fun and whimsy in your wardrobe, too!  Even Audrey Hepburn wore a few things that made other people shake theirs heads, but she loved them. :)

What about the rest of you?  Are witch hair clips and pigtails too childish for grown women, or do you think they're still perfectly acceptable?  What kinds of things are still in your closet?


Tara said...

I know ALL the songs to HSM 1, 2 AND 3 and I am not ashamed of that fact in the least. If I had a HSM shirt...I'd wear it everywhere. :)

Shelley said...

Funny! I know all the songs too, I love to watch the Disney Channel movies with my kids.

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